The list of status of residence

  • I married with Japanese.  → 「Spouse or Child of Japanese National

  • I married with Permanent Resident  → Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident

  • I found employment or change jobs  → 「Engineer,Specialist in Humanities, International                                                                Services  

  • I want to start a business or create a company in Japan  → 「Business Manager

  • I want to bring my family member to Japan.  → 「Dependent  

Type of application

  • We want to invite a foreign employee from overseas.  → 「 Certificate of Eligibility

  • We want to employ a foreign person who is changing jobs or a foreign student who has recently graduated. → 「 Change of                                                                                                                                                                             Residency Status

  • I would like to extend the period of stay with my current status of residence  → 「 Extending Period of Stay

  • I want to get permanent residency. → 「 Permission for Permanent Residence

  • I want to become a naturalized Japanese citizen→ 「Naturalization

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